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Munson still going for UGA

Munson still going for UGA

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 18, 2008

Munson still going for UGA

Talking bobblehead of legendary broadcaster available in Savannah
About this time each summer, the Georgia fans among us suffer through Munson deprivation.
They talk in a gravelly voice. They refer to everyone as “we” or “they.” They become fatalistic.
They mimic Larry Munson, the longtime voice of the Bulldogs, in anticipation of another football season.
Savannah’s Rob Ellis has come up with a cure: the Munson bobblehead, complete with audio of his most famous calls.

Scroll to the bottom or click here to listen to a few play-by-plays from Munson’s bobblehead.

“No one is going to be like him,” said Ellis, Georgia class of 1980. “And now Dawg fans never have to be without him.”

At least until the battery runs out.

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