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WICKER – Musgrove Skirts Public...

WICKER – Musgrove Skirts Public Finance Diclosure

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 17, 2008

Musgrove Skirts Public Finance Diclosure

Documents released Friday, June 13 show Ronnie Musgrove failed to file his mandatory public finance disclosure report by the May 15 deadline.

The Senate Ethics Committee requires candidates for United States Senate to file public financial disclosure reports with the Senate Office of Public Records (SOPR.) The financial disclosures show candidates income and assets in order to ensure accountability in government.

Documents show Musgrove filed for a 30 day extension making his new deadline June 13. As of today Musgrove’s report still has not been made public.

“This is just the latest example of Ronnie Musgrove’s long history of skirting responsibility,” said Wicker for Senate spokesman Ryan Annison. “Why couldn’t Ronnie Musgrove produce his public finances on time? What is he trying to hide by filing for an extension?”

“Ronnie Musgrove has had five and a half months to comply with the ethics rules, but apparently he needs more time. Mississippians deserve candidates who are honest, timely, and ethical about their personal finances, not candidates who need 30 more days to think about it,” Annison continued.

Senator Roger Wicker of Tupelo filed his report on May 15. For a copy of the report, contact the Senate Office of Public Records at 202-224-0322.

Senator Roger Wicker Press Release

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