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ClayNation: Raycom games in HD —...

ClayNation: Raycom games in HD — world as we know it is ending

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 13, 2008

ClayNation: Raycom games in HD — world as we know it is ending

I was 10 years old in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. I remember it well because a few weeks later, they started selling fake rubble from the wall at my local mall in Nashville. Leaving aside the huge question of who would have paid for pieces of concrete to be shipped across the ocean and why there was any belief people in Nashville would want them to help decorate their homes, I remember being very impressed with how quickly capitalism took root in the wake of totalitarianism. Not because I had a particularly complicated understanding of communism, capitalism or what eastern and western Europe were actually like, but just because a wall came down, and it seemed like a really big deal.

And it was. A new world order was ushered in, an empire crumbled, and eventually wild men like Sasha Vujacic could come over and play in the NBA and try to buy people’s kidneys. The Berlin Wall coming down might have been the single most significant global event in my life until last week. Then things really got interesting — Jefferson-Pilot/Lincoln Financial/Raycom Sports announced all their games are going to be in HD. Now the world looks an awful lot different than it used to.

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