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High fuel prices spark protests in Asia...

High fuel prices spark protests in Asia and Europe

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 10, 2008

High fuel prices spark protests in Asia and Europe

* Spanish stockpile food and fuel

* Malaysia PM offers package to placate key allies

* Demonstrations in India show signs of fading

Protesters marched in India, Hong Kong and Nepal over soaring oil prices on Tuesday and Spaniards stockpiled fuel and food, fearing shortages because of a truck drivers’ strike that has halted deliveries.

South Korean truck drivers also threatened to strike, increasing pressure on Asian governments struggling to prevent rising prices from breaking their budgets and avoid making the burden on the public so heavy it threatens political stability.

The strike by Spanish truck drivers, which Portuguese drivers have also joined, was backed by protests across the border in France over the impact of high oil prices, now at record highs of over $139 per barrel.


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