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YP – Trailer Lawyers move to...

YP – Trailer Lawyers move to Re-ReConsider ex rel Rigsby

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 3, 2008

Well, you’ve gotta give ’em an ‘A’ for persistence. The Trailer Lawyers et. al. are at it again petitioning to the Court to reconsider their disqualification in ex rel Rigsby. Apparently, the legal environment ain’t so good in Missouri because they seem to have a death grip on this MS case.

Motion is here.

This kind of reminds me of that scene in A Few Good Men, where a uniformed Demi Moore has an objection with the Judge.

We ask that the doctor’s testimony
be stricken from the record.

– The court should disregard it.
– The objection’s overruled.

We strenuously object,
and ask to confer with you –

– before you rule on this objection.

– The objection has been overruled.
– Move to reconsider.

The witness is an expert,
and the court will hear his opinion!

In your expert professional opinion,
was Willy Santiago poisoned?

– Yes.
– Thank you, sir. No more questions.

I kind of think that’s the way this “strenuous objection” will pan out.

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