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ICLAWBLOG – McIntosh v. State...

ICLAWBLOG – McIntosh v. State Farm update, June 2

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 3, 2008

McIntosh v. State Farm update, June 2

Sham consultant arrangements with the Rigsbys, discussions with material witness Brian Ford about a consultant agreement, “whistleblowers” illicitly taking records, playing keep away with documents with the assistance of state law enforcement officials, dubious assertions of attorney-client privilege to prevent question at depositions, all of these things happened, and more, during Katrina litigation. I wonder what the answer is to the question posed above — what might be in the documents requested? For instance, what would be revealed in the production of documents as to the identity of the supposed source in Bloomington feeding State Farm information to Scruggs? That there wasn’t one? Maybe. Time will tell the story.

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