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Tuberville on target from Iraq

Tuberville on target from Iraq

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 31, 2008

Tuberville on target from Iraq

Every election has a defining moment. And it seems the never-ending battle (even longer and more drawn out than Clinton vs. Obama) between Thomas Tuberville and Nicholas Saban has finally had its Kodak moment as well.
Tuberville raising seven fingers was the shot across the bow heard around the world.
For all of Saban’s genius — such as seemingly putting an iron curtain around Baldwin and Mobile counties in respect to top recruits, to video-conferencing with prospective players, to owning media coverage for nearly a year and a half — Tuberville’s most recent gesture of raising seven fingers after a flag football game in the Middle East perhaps has won the top prize.

Even though some Alabama fans saw it as a typical Tuberville stunt, it has big-time resonance.

After all, you have a football coach having a little fun with the boys in the desert in 115-degree heat. It’s hard to really take shots at a man who just flew 8,000 miles and back, taking time away from family and friends during Memorial Day weekend to give something back to the troops serving our country.
The final stop on the journey for Tuberville was at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for a meeting with President Bush.
The last time Saban and Bush were supposed to meet, the then-Miami Dolphins coach blew off the most powerful man in the world for dinner. Preseason camp had just opened in Miami and Saban didn’t have time for W.

Could this sway some future voters (err, make that recruits) down the road?

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