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Behind the Plate – Sports writers...

Behind the Plate – Sports writers and the First Amendment

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 26, 2008

Behind the Plate – Sports writers and the First Amendment

The First Amendment does not guarantee a free press. But it does guarantee a free sports press.
More than 225 years later, the right to a free press still does not exist. Political reporters have to be censored but sports writers have more freedom. And they are more fair and do not fabricate the news.
Unlike political reporters, sports journalists can express themselves without worrying about censorship. Sports writers from newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle can openly criticize players, coaches and policies.

Sports journalists give the media great representation. They cannot fabricate a sporting event because fans would easily identify any error.

The most important facet to sports journalism lies in the First Amendment’s guarantee to a free press. Columnists and editorialists have to be careful when writing about controversial political issues. Sports journalists do not.

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