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You better get used to the BCS

You better get used to the BCS

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 19, 2008

You better get used to the BCS

The powers-that-be in college sports recently held a four-hour meeting to discuss a football playoff.

Kind of makes you wonder what they talked about for the other 3 hours, 45 minutes.
Like those that have come before it, this proposal was D.O.A. Even the so-called Plus-One format — where the best two teams left standing after the bowls face off for the national title — was essentially one-and-done when it came up for discussion.
Face it, folks: There will be no playoff in major college football any time soon.

Why? The reasons are many and varied. But the recent summit, where the commissioners of Division I FBS football conferences gathered, offered one telling twist:
Two commissioners with hands-on experience in a college football playoff system, Dan Beebe of the Big 12 and Jim Delany of the Big Ten, were among the staunchest opponents of a playoff.

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