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The Bowl Cartel Series – BCS...

The Bowl Cartel Series – BCS Commissioners Say “What Me Worry?”

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 19, 2008

The Bowl Cartel Series – BCS Commissioners Say “What Me Worry?”

Players: John Swofford, ACC; Mike Slive, SEC; Tom Hansen, PAC 10; Jim Delaney, Big 10; Mike Tranghese, Big East; Dan Beebe, Big 12; Kevin White, ND, others

Echoing words similar to the immortal Alfred E. Newman, eleven conference commissioners and Notre Dame’s Athletic Director, Kevin White, rejected the proposal of Mike Slive, SEC Commissioner and former BCS Chairman.
Slive had proposed a Plus-1 model, which would use the current bowl system to seed the top four teams in college football at the end of the year with a playoff game for the winners.
After an exciting, upset-laden football season ended with the top two BCS teams losing in the last week, the bowl season was ripe with mismatches, fan apathy and mediocre television ratings.
Three of the five BCS bowl games this past year declined in television ratings. The championship game between LSU and Ohio saw a 17 percent decline over the previous year. The Rose and the Orange bowls saw only a slight increase.

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