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Willis: ‘My expectations are...

Willis: ‘My expectations are beyond limits’

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 14, 2008

Willis: ‘My expectations are beyond limits’
Patrick Willis has undergone a metamorphosis of sorts. Oh, don’t worry. He’s still the same rock ’em, sock ’em, take-no-prisoners linebacker on the field. It’s off the field that there’s been a perceptible change. A year removed from one of the greatest seasons by a rookie defender in NFL history, Willis is a confident veteran now. And it shows in every move he makes and every word he articulates.

It showed in every move Willis made during the 49ers’ spring minicamp earlier this month, when the second-year linebacker practically had a glow about him as he ran the defensive huddle and effortlessly locked onto plays as though he knew what was coming on practically every snap.

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