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AU, Tubs on national radar again

AU, Tubs on national radar again

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 14, 2008

AU, Tubs on national radar again
Uh, oh, you better hide the women and children. It seems people are saying nice things about Auburn again.

While there is justified enthusiasm among Alabama fans for the second season under Nick Saban, the national buzz seems to be directed toward another state school. All thanks to the jettisoning of enfant terrible of college quarterbacks LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux.

Suddenly, national pundits are rethinking their almost natural pick of the defending national champions to win the SEC West. Now, Auburn is the posh pick.
Normally, Auburn getting national attention wouldn’t be particularly surprising given Tommy Tuberville’s impressive résumé. However, when you consider there will be two new coordinators and a major shift in offensive philosophy and a new quarterback at a program being seemingly forgotten in the year-and-a-half long mania over Saban at Alabama, it is surprising.

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