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NFL not playing fair on Spygate

NFL not playing fair on Spygate

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 13, 2008

NFL not playing fair on Spygate
Everybody wants Spygate to go away. That’s understandable. Especially when “everybody” includes the NFL itself.

But we have to accept that, and this, too: The final resolution will not be fair. Everything about this unsavory affair, from the first revelation of the New England Patriots’ illegally taping opposing coaching signals to the NFL’s clumsy explanations of its every investigative half-step, has reeked of unfairness.

It’s too early to judge everything about this situation because the latest round of evidence against the Patriots just arrived at the NFL offices, and tomorrow, ex-Patriots employee/tape smuggler Matt Walsh gets his day in front of both Roger Goodell and the NFL commissioner’s arch-nemesis, Sen. Arlen Specter.

Since Walsh delivered his collection last week, the NFL has raised more doubt about its handling of it. A spokesman insisted it was all material the league already knew about, without even having looked at it, after which it was reported that Walsh had more on hand (offensive signals, not just defensive) than what the NFL had previously acknowledged.

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