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Ethics: Reforms are good government...

Ethics: Reforms are good government steps

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 12, 2008

The Clarion-Ledger Editorial, 5/12/8

The Legislature passed significant ethics reform this session that is scheduled to be signed into law by Gov. Haley Barbour in ceremonies today.

Barbour will be joined by a host of legislators, and officials to sign Senate Bill 2983, recognizing those who helped usher it into law. But two officials deserve to be singled out, one for backing the bill from the beginning and the other, a public official who will most likely be most affected.

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant deserves credit for spearheading SB 2983, and for creating a committee – the Ethics Committee – specifically to be a watchdog for the Senate and to promote good government legislation. Sen. Merle Flowers, R-Southaven, chaired the committee and will be recognized today for his work on these major reforms.

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