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1st District ads pour gasoline on...

1st District ads pour gasoline on burning fire

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 30, 2008

1st District ads pour gasoline on burning fire

Democrat Travis Childers hit back Tuesday at his Republican opponent’s attempt to tie him to presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama and his former pastor, the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Childers called Greg Davis a “hypocrite” as the tone of the 1st District special election campaign turned increasingly acrimonious.

Today, Childers is releasing a new TV ad saying his family “has heard the lies and attacks linking me to politicians I don’t know and have never even met.”

In a Tuesday news release, Childers accused Davis of being a hypocrite because he criticized Childers for not saying anything about Wright’s comments but said nothing on his own Web site to condemn the preacher.

Davis is pressing Childers about the apparent endorsement from the Obama campaign e-mailed to Obama supporters in the 1st District, as well as Childers’ $2,000 donation to Democrat Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 party presidential nominee.

Childers insists he didn’t ask for Obama’s support and he deflected a question of whether he would accept his endorsement.

“Let me tell you what kind of endorsements we’re looking for … endorsements from the working people of North Mississippi, working families,” Childers told a Memphis TV station in a story about the attack ad.

The Davis ad shows a computer screen image from Obama’s campaign Web site urging 1st District voters to turn out for Childers in the recent special election.

“You can’t go around the state saying you’re one kind of individual and then associate yourself with it,” Davis said in the Memphis TV interview.

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