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10 Truths: Pacman, the draft, and Ocho...

10 Truths: Pacman, the draft, and Ocho Cinco

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 29, 2008

10 Truths: Pacman, the draft, and Ocho Cinco
The NFL Truths are back with a special Draft Edition:

10. Yes, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is absolutely crazy for adding Pacman Jones to an already volatile personality mix in Big D, but I kind of see what he’s thinking.

.He’s thinking that he’s won Super Bowls in the 1990s with a cast of characters who could go raindrop to raindrop with Pacman in any strip club across the globe. The Cowboys — even before Jones’ ownership — never won Super Bowls with choir boys.

To Jones, Pacman looks no different from Michael “The Pipemaker” Irvin or Nate “The Weed Man” Newton or Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson or the group of Cowboys who opened the infamous “White House” in the 1990s.

From here on out, let’s call Jerry Jones the Statue of Liberty and picture him standing in front of Texas Stadium saying: “give me your criminal, your drunk, your talented masses yearning to support single pole workers.”

Right now, Jones is the Tom Osborne of professional football. Jones believes he can save young men by using football. He turned Terrell Owens into a relatively good teammate. Jones — taking a cue from President Bush — unarmed Tank Johnson of his weapons of mass destruction.

Why not add Pacman Jones?

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