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FOLO – The gory scene under the...

FOLO – The gory scene under the Moore-Brumfield bus

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 18, 2008

The gory scene under the Moore-Brumfield bus

What’s more, the whippersnapper pries out that, before Dickie’s guilty plea, Moore sent his investigator Bill East to talk to Stallings about the Lackey meeting, and both Moore and Stallings confirm that the latter didn’t tell East he believed Hood had been threatened (nor did Stallings know East was working for Moore). But Stallings tells Paul that speaking with Hood had convinced him of the Moore-Scruggs threat to Hood.

I started this post in a lighthearted mode, but by now, that mood is gone. I might suggest that, in Paul’s stories for the Daily Mississippian and Alyssa’s for the Eagle, Patsy Brumfield and the rest of the regional media — not to mention the public — find the journalistic equivalent of malpractice claims. I might suggest that, but the more I think about it, the more it seems to me that the silence of most and the bad reporting of one are so serious a disservice to basic democracy that Paul’s and Alyssa’s work is really more like indictments.


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