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Scruggs Nation, April 2: Live from...

Scruggs Nation, April 2: Live from Mississippi!

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 2, 2008

The Insurance Coverage Blog, 4/2/8

A few preliminaries. A fun trip so far, a few glitches. My luggage didn’t make the connection from Houston to Jackson, it finally caught up with me about midnight in Starkville. Everyone has been great, what a friendly place, wonderful people. A beautiful state. Really impressive program they put together here at Insurance Day.

Here’s the latest on the Scruggs disbarment: according to this update in the Daily Journal, the State Bar is saying that even if Scruggs’ challenge — that the rules require a copy of a conviction to be attached, and there is none because he has not yet been sentenced — even if this is true, he should be suspended pending sentencing. Scruggs is represented by the immediate past general counsel of the State Bar, which has caused many to wonder: hey, hasn’t Scruggs had a pretty good amount of fee disputes and controversy before, and isn’t it likely that someone filed bar complaints against him before? If so, what happened to the investigations of these complaints?

Also, why does Scruggs care? He has no hope of keeping his license as a convicted felon who admitted to conspiracy to bribe a judge, so what is this: an exercise in complaining about how the hangman’s noose is too tight, or something else? Is there some reason Scruggs wants to keep his license an extra few months, such as some payment of fees requiring payment to his law firm? (Non-lawyers can’t claim they have a law firm).

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