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Bar presses for Scruggs’ ouster

Bar presses for Scruggs’ ouster

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 2, 2008

The Sun Herald, 4/2/8

Dickie Scruggs should be suspended from the practice of law if his disbarment is premature, the Mississippi Bar told the state Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Scruggs moved to dismiss the bar’s formal complaint asking that the attorney be disbarred based on his guilty plea in a conspiracy to bribe a state court judge. Scruggs last week argued that disbarment was premature because U.S. District Judge Neal B. Biggers Jr. has not accepted the guilty plea.

The bar responded Tuesday that a formal complaint requesting disbarment, a decision the high court makes, can be filed when a guilty plea is entered.

If the court disagrees, the bar asked for the suspension, saying, “Mr. Scruggs should not be allowed to continue to practice law while awaiting entry of a final judgment, having already demonstrated unprofessional and unethical conduct evincing unfitness for the practice of law by virtue of having entered a guilty plea to a felony charge of conspiracy to corrupt a state circuit court judge.”

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