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DJ EDITORIAL:Back to the polls

DJ EDITORIAL:Back to the polls

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 31, 2008

EDITORIAL:Back to the polls

The Daily Journal, while appreciative of Holland’s legislative advocacy of public education and health care issues, has editorially endorsed Childers in the primary as better suited to the consensus-building style so badly needed in Congress these days.

Unfortunately, the Republican primary runoff campaign took a decidedly negative turn. Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has run a constant barrage of attack ads against the first primary front-runner, former Tupelo Mayor and TVA chairman Glenn McCullough, including most recently a blatant misrepresentation of McCullough’s position on illegal immigration. That follows on the heels of dubious claims that McCullough was a lavish spender at TVA and other ads that distorted his record there.

For his part, McCullough’s only mention of Davis in his campaign ads has been to point out that Davis has not always been a Republican and that property taxes have risen while he has been mayor of Southaven. The McCullough campaign emphasizes, with reasonable logic, that these ads came only as a response to Davis’ claim to be the “true conservative” in the race.

The Daily Journal editorially endorsed McCullough in the first primary, and we continue to believe that his broad public and private sector experience, record and proven ability to bring people together to achieve common objectives make him the clear choice for the Republican nomination. Sen. Thad Cochran agrees, having taken the unprecedented step of endorsing McCullough, the first time in his 30 years as a senator that Cochran has publicly backed a candidate in a Mississippi Republican primary.

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