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FOLO – To the wall: U.S. v....

FOLO – To the wall: U.S. v. Scruggs scheduling order

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 21, 2008

To the wall: U.S. v. Scruggs scheduling order

Judge Biggers responded to the motions last night with an order that is all about “this train is still running on schedule.” He notes that Zach Scruggs filed motions to continue, for a James hearing, to exclude extrinsic evidence, and to reconsider the anonymous jury order. The order goes on:

The issues in the motions have been previously considered by the court. The defendant, however, filed the motions in light of an allegedly material change of circumstances brought on by guilty pleas of two of the three remaining defendants.

The new motions were filed on March 19, 2008, between 6:20 p.m. and 9:50 p.m. (CDT), and the court is aware the government has, therefore, only had possession of these new motions for a few hours. The court will not press the government for an immediate response. The court will, however, schedule a hearing on these motions expeditiously.

The court offered up either Friday, March 21st, Monday, March 24th, or Tuesday, March 25th, allowing the government to request one of these dates for argument; the government has until 3:00 PM today to pick. Here’s the 3-20 Order on motions hearing.


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