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FOLO – Feds have a new trail to...

FOLO – Feds have a new trail to follow

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 8, 2008

Feds have a new trail to follow

It’s this: The Feds now know that one of Dickie’s former SKG partners — one who bankrolled that effort and was also a tobacco partner — paid for Dickie the $17 million judgment against him in Luckey. Both another former Scruggs partner and an ex-employee from the payor’s firm have confirmed this.

So naturally, their next questions are: (a) whose money the attempts to influence DeLaughter in the Wilson case “saved”; (b) whether the $3 million “savings” paid to Langston, Patterson, and Peters also came from this SKG partner instead of Dickie; and (c) if the partner paid the Luckey judgment, isn’t it logical that he was involved in influencing, paying, and “saving on” the Wilson case too, since the two cases were essentially the same, and Dickie apparently lacks the habit of paying out of his own pocket?


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