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Rounsaville – ‘Another Day,...

Rounsaville – ‘Another Day, Another Story’

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 6, 2008

Today, David Landrum’s story for why he didn’t vote for seven years and then lied about it took an even more surprising turn. He is now claiming that evidence that does not exist was somehow tampered with.

If David Landrum had voted by affidavit ballot, his signature would be on the affidavit voting sign-in sheet. Although he earlier claimed that signatures on the sheet were his, he has finally admitted that they were manufactured evidence and that his signature is not on it.

If David Landrum’s signature does not appear on the affidavit ballot sign-in sheet, that is proof that he never received an affidavit ballot. Therefore, no affidavit ballot envelope could exist with his name on it.

“These are the desperate claims of a campaign in tailspin,” said Rounsaville campaign manager Danny O’Driscoll. “Not only did David Landrum not vote for seven years, he then lied about it by producing manufactured evidence. And now, after that evidence has been debunked, he is still searching for someone else to blame rather than taking responsibility himself.”

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