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MS – David Landrum: A...

MS – David Landrum: A business-like approach to politics

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 2, 2008

David Landrum: A business-like approach to politics

Star: Can you clarify your voting record?

Landrum: Unfortunately, this campaign has turned negative, and I have been personally attacked and accused of not voting for Governor Barbour in 2003. Here’s the story. I moved to North Jackson in 2002. I filled out the form to change our voter registration with a friend of the family. When I went to vote, I found out my name wasn’t on the list, so I voted by affidavit ballot. I was told it would work itself out, and my form was sure to go through before the general election. Well, I went back in November to vote, and once again, my name was not on the list. So, I voted by affidavit ballot once again. Even though there were problems with my registration, I was proud to stand in line and cast my vote for Governor Barbour.

Star: Can you explain your donations to Ronnie Musgrove’s campaign?

Landrum: Back in 2003, I had some business associates that were very interested in tort reform, as we all were. They talked to me and asked me to make a contribution, which I did.

However, my political support has always been with Governor Barbour. So much that he asked me to serve on his Transition Team in 2003 and his Finance Committee in 2007. I also served on the Steering Committee for Phil Bryant. Through donations, I’ve supported the Republican Party and Republican candidates more than any other candidate running in this race. My support has always been with the Republican Party.

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