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Travis Childers Signs Pledge Not To...

Travis Childers Signs Pledge Not To Take Contributions From Pharmaceutical PACs

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 29, 2008

Travis Childers said today he will not accept political action committee contributions from pharmaceutical companies now or when he goes to Congress.

“We need to change the way business is done in Washington,” Childers said. “We won’t be able to lower drug prices and give working families, seniors and veterans relief unless we change the way we do business in Washington.”

Childers signed and released a formal pledge not to take contributions from drug companies and challenged his opponents in the Democratic and Republican primaries to make the same pledge.

“We have to break the vicious circle of lobbyists for drug companies wielding massive influence on Congress through literally millions of dollars in campaign contributions through their political action committees,” Childers said. “I will stand up to the slick drug company lobbyists on behalf of the people of North Mississippi. Together, we will change the way business is done in Washington and bring real relief to our families and small businesses.”

In addition to the written pledge not to take political contributions from pharmaceutical or drug companies, Childers released specific details on how he would make health care more available and affordable. Specifics Childers released today include:

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Extend SCHIP to middle class, working families:

“SCHIP has been a great success and we need to extend coverage under the program to working class families who still don’t have access to affordable health care. Earlier this year, majorities in the House and Senate passed a bill to extend the coverage of the SCHIP program to more families. The bill was vetoed by President Bush and there weren’t enough votes to override it. With a new president and a new Congress, relief could be in sight for North Mississippi families,” Childers said.

Shorter Patents on Prescription Drugs:

“Drug companies should recoup research costs and make reasonable profits on the risks they take. That is the American Way. But artificially extending patents for successful and widely used drugs just create windfall profits for pharmaceutical companies at the expense of working families. I will vote against these extended patent periods so that these drugs will become available as generics,” Childers said.

Protecting Seniors:

“We must keep the promises America made to seniors and veterans. That means we must protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. With the difficult economic times facing the United States it is inevitable that some will try to attack these bedrock programs. As a Member of Congress, I will be a steadfast and reliable vote to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid,” Childers said.

Support Here At Home for our Veterans:

“It is a national disgrace how our war veterans are being treated. It is a matter of national security for us to provide support to those who have served our country with honor and distinction. I believe veterans in rural communities where there is no Veterans Administration hospital or medical facilities should be issued a health card so they can use local doctors and hospitals rather than travelling hundreds of miles to VA centers,” Childers said.

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