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REDBLUE – Mr. Hood’s...

REDBLUE – Mr. Hood’s musical chairs

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 27, 2008

Mr. Hood’s musical chairs

Several weeks ago, Mr. Hood said that he didn’t really do much work with Mr. Balducci, and that he only dealt with Mr. Balducci through Joey Langston.

Then, taking an opposite approach, Mr. Hood announced that he could not prosecute Mr. Balducci, Mr. Langston or fellow conspirator Steve Patterson, because “it would be like prosecuting a relative.”

But yesterday, Mr. Hood came full circle and explained that the Balducci/Patterson tag-team approach had no effect on his decisions in the criminal investigation of State Farm, because he is “too hardheaded to be influenced by outside forces.”

Mr. Hood has gone from ‘Timmy I Hardly Knew Ye’ to ‘We Are Family’ to ‘Can’t Touch This’ all in the matter of two months’ time.

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