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Ronnie Musgrove Statement on November...

Ronnie Musgrove Statement on November Election

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 7, 2008

The following statement was released by Musgrove campaign manager Amanda Crumley after the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled today in favor of postponing the special election until November:

While it is disappointing that Governor Barbour seeks to anoint the next United States Senator from Mississippi instead of letting the people of this great state vote as quickly as possible in a currently scheduled March election and in accordance with state law, the Mississippi Supreme Court’s decision today does not change the direction of Ronnie Musgrove’s campaign for the United States Senate.

Governor Musgrove entered the race for the United States Senate because he wants to bring fiscal responsibility back to Washington with an end to the pork barrel and deficit spending that has increased our nation’s debt and hurt our economy.

The bad news today is not that we now have a longer campaign to run, but that Mississippi will be stuck for another nine months with the same type of Washington nonsense from Roger Wicker. People are fed up with outrageous earmarks like bridges to nowhere and teapot museums that do nothing for Mississippi’s middle class.

People want a fiscally conservative Senator who will change the Washington way of doing business and make government work for working people. That’s why Ronnie Musgrove is in this race for the long haul and why he will win in November.

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