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YP – Hood accepts $400K from...

YP – Hood accepts $400K from Scruggs/Langston funnelled via DAGA 90 days after ‘informant’ letter

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 4, 2008

Jim Hood accepted $300K loosely funneled through DAGA within 90 days of his now infamous “confidential informant” letter that was written on July 16, 2007. That letter was largely viewed to provide safe harbor to Scruggs after Judge Acker in Alabama determined that it was otherwise a clear breach of a written order from his Court.

Less than 90 days later, Scruggs returned the favor with some help from Joey Langston.

Here is the tax disclosure from DAGA.

Notice near the top of page 8 the contributions from the Scruggs law firm.

Scruggs Firm chipped in $100K to DAGA on 10/2/7
Langston Firm added $100K to DAGA on 10/2/7
Scruggs Firm then popped in for $200K to DAGA on 10/17/7

That totals $400K.

On page 12, note the following . . .

DAGA put $250K to Hood on 10/19/7
DAGA then put another $150K to Hood on 10/24/7

That totals $400K.

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