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CL LTE – Why isn’t...

CL LTE – Why isn’t ‘Clarion-Ledger’ covering Scruggs case?

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 25, 2008

Why isn’t ‘Clarion-Ledger’ covering Scruggs case?

There has been nothing but deafening silence on “L’Affaire Scruggs.”

Your coverage has been so shoddy, when present, that I can’t help but wonder why your newspaper has decided to ignore the largest story to hit this state in over a decade.

My conclusions are that your editorial/news staffs are incompetent – there’s good evidence for that – or that your non-coverage is politically motivated – there’s plenty of evidence for that, too.

The Blogosphere, The New York Times (see Sunday’s fine article on P.L. Blake), the Wall Street Journal, and a local Web site, “Y’all Politics,” have left your paper in the dust.

This story is a reporter’s dream, and a paper’s wildest dream come true.

Who’s paying you to not cover this story?

Heddy-Dale Matthias


Clarion Ledger

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