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Jim Hood ‘clearing the...

Jim Hood ‘clearing the decks’ for bribery prosecutions

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 17, 2008

In the last two days, the Mississippi Attorney General has taken on subjects of monumental importance to every Mississippian. First on Tuesday, he annuonced an agreement between MySpace and 49 other states to increase online safety. The next day, he announced a glossy brochure on stalking prevention. This 8/12×11″ color glossy leaflet is set to revolutionize the way Mississippians think about stalking. “People in Mississippi who stalk or get stalked will be the most informed stalkers and stalked in the United States,” he said in a written statement.

In an exclusive interview with YallPolitics, General Hood stated, “I’m just getting warmed up. While everyone is paying attention to the collapse of the Mississippi legal system that has been largely engineered by my precessor and my key campaign contributors, I am on to do the people’s business.” When asked what was next for the Jim Hood AG juggernaut, he said, “I am tired of dropped cell phone calls. They are a pain in the butt. I can’t hear a damn thing Dickie says when he calls me. I will soon be announcing a 14 state initiative to end dropped cell phone calls as we know them.”

When asked about prominent political pundit and former Fordice Chief of Staff Andy Taggart’s offer to serve as special prosecutor to pursue charges against Hood’s cronies, Hood answered with . . . “Look, that first-come-first-served deal only applies to my contributors. I looked and Andy didn’t contribute a thing to my last campaign. He knows how it works.”

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