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DJ – Langston shadow covers...

DJ – Langston shadow covers Scruggs case

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 17, 2008

Langston shadow covers Scruggs case

Langston, one of the state’s top plaintiffs’ attorneys before Monday, turned in an “irrevocable resignation” from his Bar license that day just a few days after he pleaded guilty before Chief Judge Michael Mills to one count of conspiring to bribe a state judge, Bobby Delaughter of Hinds County.

In the “information” document he signed, Langston said he and Patterson, sometimes with Scruggs’ help, tried to get Delaughter to rule in their favor in another legal fees lawsuit.

Delaughter denies he took anything. Patterson’s own guilty plea in the Scruggs case prevents his indictment on any other charges. Langston got a similar deal. They both agreed to cooperate with the government, as did Balducci.

Balducci also turned in an “irrevocable resignation” from the Bar. That means he and Langston will never practice law again.

The Langston document also says they tried to tempt Delaughter with the possibility of a federal judgeship, which could only happen through a U.S. senator.

Then-Sen. Trent Lott is Scruggs’ brother-in-law. Neither he nor Scruggs has been charged with anything in this matter.

Patsy Brumfield
NE MS Daily Journal

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