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DJ – Will defendants testify in...

DJ – Will defendants testify in Jones v. Scruggs?

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 15, 2008

Will defendants testify in Jones v. Scruggs?

Plaintiffs asked the court to let stand the subpoenas against Dickie and Zach Scruggs and several other people related to the case. Defense attorneys contend their clients’ testimony could negatively influence the criminal cases against them.

Considering their federal trials are scheduled for next month, “It would be an undue burden on these parties,” said defense attorney Cal Mayo. “It would deprive them of very important rights.”

Plaintiff counsel said invoking the right not to give self-incriminating testimony should be considered against defendants in the civil suit.

“The plaintiff has no sympathy for whatever embarrassment it may cause these witnesses,” plaintiff attorney Roy Percy said.

Coleman, a formerly retired circuit judge from Hinds County, was brought onto the case after 3rd Circuit Judge Henry Lackey of Calhoun City recused himself after he helped federal authorities build a case against Scruggs and several associates alleging
attempted bribery.

The case resumes at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Lafayette County Chancery Court building.

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