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ICLAWBLOG – Renfroe v. Rigsby...

ICLAWBLOG – Renfroe v. Rigsby update

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 13, 2008

Renfroe v. Rigsby update

Judge Acker denied motions by Scruggs and the Rigsby sisters that he recuse himself from the case on the grounds of the perception of bias that might arise from his referral of Scruggs for criminal contempt of court charges (Scruggs is not a party in this case, nor did he represent the Rigsbys in the lawsuit against them by Renfroe). In his order denying the motion, Acker stayed further proceedings in the case, except, as he explained in this later order, for discovery. Here’s Renfroe’s request for clarification upon which he was acting. A deposition in the case is taking place in Mississippi today — presumably of an expert witness, because expert depositions are mentioned in the motion — and Judge Acker issued this order stating that a magistrate judge would be standing by to handle “anticipated” discovery disputes in the deposition.

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