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Jonathan Turley Hops On Scruggs Scandal

Jonathan Turley Hops On Scruggs Scandal

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 10, 2008

Famous Torts Lawyer Dickie Scruggs Indicted With Son for Bribery: Defense Counsel Withdraw From Case

The withdrawal of counsel seems likely to be related to this aspect of the case. U.S. Dist. Judge Neal Biggers in Oxford has granted the withdraw motion of Joey Langston and Billy Quin of the Langston Law Firm -though no reason is given. This is common in such motions, which can be based on conflicts of interest, client misconduct, client dissatisfaction with counsel, or simple breakdowns in attorney-client miscommunication.

However, Balducci was a partner at the Langston law firm and the FBI searched the Langston law firm in Booneville on Dec. 10th.

Scruggs has long been controversial due to the sweetheart deal that he struck on the tobacco litigation. He was given a contract from then former Attorney General Mike Moore. Scruggs was a friend of Moore and gave him a type of contingency arrangement — a terrible deal for the state that led to Scruggs getting a reported $848 million.

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