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WSJLAWBLOG – Report: Monday to be...

WSJLAWBLOG – Report: Monday to be Big Day in L’Affaire Scruggs

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 10, 2008

Report: Monday to be Big Day in L’Affaire Scruggs

Yesterday we said there were wisps of smoke emanating from Northern Mississippi. To continue the somewhat pedestrian metaphor, today we’re seeing sparks. The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports that Monday is expected to be big day at the federal court in Oxford, with the unsealing of documents that could reveal more indictments and plea deals.

While we await the next bombs to drop, there’s a wild game of musical attorneys taking place. Joey and Billy withdrew from representing Dickie. Then, Tony tried to resign from representing Zachary (pictured). And Dickie tried to replace Joey with Kenny. But not so fast, said Judge Neal Biggers, who issued an order refusing to let Tony withdraw from representing Zach and denying Dickie’s request to hire Kenneth Coughlan.

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