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Herring Calls on Obama & Clinton...

Herring Calls on Obama & Clinton to Denounce Deliberate Democrat Trashing of Petraeus

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 14, 2007


Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Jim Herring released the following statement urging Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to denounce a ad attacking General David Petraeus and the American armed forces in Monday’s New York Times.

“Unfortunately, this kind of disrespectful tactic is not new to, a group which claims to own the Democratic Party. In the past they’ve gone so far as to have ads comparing President Bush to Hitler on one of their websites. Now, they are hurling malicious attacks at men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country.

“Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both praised this liberal group’s past efforts. Senator Obama went as far as saying he was ‘looking forward to being in a partnership’ with Both he and Senator Clinton have also been supported by MoveOn in the past.

“Mississippi voters demand to know: Will Senators Clinton and Obama do the right thing and denounce this baseless attack, or will they further prove that they are in the pockets of ultra liberal interest groups by remaining silent?

“General Petraeus and our brave men and women in the military deserve our respect. Clinton and Obama should immediately return all contributions from and denounce this disgraceful ad.”

Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama praised at a virtual town hall meeting on Iraq:

Hillary Thanked For Helping Change “The Face Of American Politics For The Better.” Hillary: “I think you have helped to change the face of American politics for the better… both online, and in the corridors of power.” (Sen. Hillary Clinton, Virtual Town Hall Meeting On Iraq, 4/10/07)

Hillary: “So, Although Some Of Your Members May Be A Little Surprised To Hear Me Say This, I Am Grateful For Your Work.” (Sen. Hillary Clinton, Virtual Town Hall Meeting On Iraq, 4/10/07)

Obama Said He Was “Looking Forward To Being In A Partnership” With Obama: “I think we have an opportunity to begin the process of restoring America’s image throughout the world, so I just am looking forward to being in a partnership with all of you in making that happen.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Virtual Town Hall Meeting On Iraq, 4/10/07)

MS GOP Press Release

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