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Small Business Endorses Haley Barbour,...

Small Business Endorses Haley Barbour, Phil Bryant, Al Hopkins and Mike Cheney

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 13, 2007

Small Business Endorses Haley Barbour for Governor

The National Federation of Independent Business, Mississippi’s leading small-business advocacy association, today announced its endorsement of Gov. Haley Barbour for a second term in office. In other statewide races, NFIB is putting full weight in support of Phil Bryant for lieutenant governor, Al Hopkins for attorney general and Mike Chaney for insurance commissioner.

NFIB/Mississippi State Director Ron Aldridge said its membership overwhelmingly supports the four solid pro–small-business candidates. In a recent survey, 96 percent of NFIB members support Barbour, 96 percent back Bryant, 81 percent support Hopkins and 98 percent favor Chaney.

“The choices have never been clearer to small business in these four races,” Aldridge said. “NFIB members recognize who their friends are versus those who would work to turn back the clock on economic progress for all. On the one hand, small business sees four candidates, led by Governor Barbour, with a track record of bolstering free enterprise. On the other hand, small business recognizes their opponents would attempt to reinstall the failed ways of jackpot justice.”

Aldridge said Gov. Barbour earned NFIB’s support by helping to grow jobs, payrolls and the state’s economy. Barbour scored high marks for his leadership on tort reform and workforce training and steering clear of tax increases. He continually engaged small business on key issues and earned praise for his stewardship of Mississippi’s recovery after Hurricane Katrina.

Aldridge cited Bryant’s 100 percent NFIB Voting Record as a state legislator and his advocacy for and unwavering protection of tort reform as key reasons for earning NFIB’s backing. Aldridge noted Bryant’s track record as state auditor to seek ways to reduce wasteful spending and his personal integrity as other reasons small business supports him.

Hopkins won over small business with his vigorous posture to defend the economic and legal advances made through comprehensive tort reform in 2004 and his willingness to make the attorney general position more accountable to the public. Hopkins supports NFIB-backed “sunshine legislation” that ensures state taxpayers know who is on the state payroll and how they were selected. Hopkins has extensive trial experience and is a small-business owner and farmer who knows firsthand the challenges facing small business, Aldridge added.

Chaney, a successful small-business owner, earned the nod for his strong 94 percent NFIB Voting Record as a legislator and his record of advocacy to make insurance more affordable and accessible. He has proven he will stand up for the insured, is fair and even-handed, and will promote a legal and regulatory climate that will help attract and keep good businesses in Mississippi.

NFIB’s endorsements are important for each candidate. Small-business owners and their employees vote in high numbers, and they are known for actively recruiting their friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls. NFIB has pledged to the four candidates that it will activate its grassroots network on their behalf.

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