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REDBLUE – Jere Nash makes a...

REDBLUE – Jere Nash makes a compelling case for Phil Bryant

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 24, 2007

Jere Nash made a compelling case for Phil Bryant today (possibly inadvertently) by reminding folks that if, by chance, Haley Barbour is picked as a VEEP candidate (under Rudy Giuliani, of course), the Lt. Governor would become Governor.

Next year is a presidential election year and our governor (assuming he can defeat John A. Eaves) can be expected to participate in a major way at the Republican National Convention and then to help campaign on behalf of the party’s nominee in the fall campaign (Barbour’s name has even made it to lists as a possible vice presidential candidate). All of that out of state travel will be severely cramped if the Lt. Governor is Jamie Franks.

I think this would probably give even die hard Democrats pause to think . . . “We can’t vote for Franks! My gosh, if he wins, and Haley goes to help run the country, we can’t have this guy as Governor!”.

Great point, Jere.

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