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PHILLIPS – Responds to Judge...

PHILLIPS – Responds to Judge Biggers Ruling

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 2, 2007

Max Phillips Responds to Judge Biggers Ruling on Beef Plant Construction Company

Finally, someone in a position of authority has stood up for the taxpayers of Mississippi regarding the inexcusable waste of $55million (and counting) of hard earned tax dollars in the failed “BEEF PLANT”.

Kudos to Judge Biggers for rejecting the “too lenient” sentence agreed upon in the Carothers’ case. For too long it seemed that no one would be held seriously accountable for the crimes committed in this fraud and that those who were guilty would never have to answer for their roles in this terrible scheme.

Mississippians are asking “What is being done to bring those guilty of these crimes to justice? Why hasn’t someone been arrested and why is no one in jail?”

Agriculture and Commerce is vitally important to the economy of Mississippi. The glaring failure of this Beef Plant Project has caused great harm to the public perception of our most basic industry, both at home and abroad. We cannot afford to do away with the office of Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, but we must change the direction of leadership.

Max Phillips Campaign Release

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