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SALTERBLOG – On the Eaves/Barbour...

SALTERBLOG – On the Eaves/Barbour Speeches

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 27, 2007

SALTERBLOG – On the Eaves/Barbour Speeches

Barbour has ignored Eaves since the qualifying deadline and has not answered Eaves’ “moneychangers” diatribes until today. Today, Barbour answered. It was vintage Barbour.

Following Eaves on stage, Barbour brought his wife of 35 years, Marsha onto the podium and introduced her to the crowd. “I got my trophy wife the first time,” Barbour said, an obvious reference to Eaves’ second wife, Angel — whose youth and beauty has been the topic of several Eaves’ speeches in venues like the Mississippi Press Association — and to his divorce from his first wife.

It was a clear sign that the campaign is now underway and that Barbour’s done ignoring Eaves’ attacks. More telling was Barbour’s litany of contradictions to Eaves’ attacks, some of which defy logic. Mississippi has record employment, record education spending and record outside investment from economic development efforts.

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