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MFIRE – What now President Bush?

MFIRE – What now President Bush?

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 19, 2007

What now President Bush?

Polls place President Bush’s performance higher than Congress’ abysmal rating, but it is at an all-time low. In great measure this is because the public is disgusted with his illegal immigration stance and his failure to offer verifiable solutions. This taint could well hamstring future political aspirations of genuine conservative Republicans.

What can the president do to salvage his legacy, revive confidence in government’s ability to solve problems, and regain the support of his base?

He must push for seamless border security and enforcement of existing immigration laws. He must demand funding for an effective, border patrol deterrent and impenetrable U.S.-Mexican border fence. He must immediately deport illegal aliens with expired visas and those held in federal penitentiaries at taxpayers’ expense. He must lead the fight to vigorously prosecute, fine and imprison employers who violate the law by knowingly hiring illegals.

Is it going to happen? Probably not. But, if President Bush is serious about protecting the nation, leaving a positive legacy, and if he cares about the continued relevancy of his party, he’ll show some leadership. He should accept the rejection of his flawed amnesty bill. He should take the high road on illegal immigration. Enforce the law and the country will unite behind him.

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