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Phil Bryant Announces Accountability...

Phil Bryant Announces Accountability Agenda

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 29, 2007

Prohibit contractors or vendors who do business with the state from hiring illegal immigrants; state contracts will be cancelled and violators fined when illegal immigrants have been knowingly hired.
Require a valid Mississippi driver’s license to purchase a car tag.
Pursue training dollars for local and state law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration laws.
Obtain a federal holding facility for illegal immigrants arrested by state and local law enforcement.
The state should keep documentation about the number of illegal immigrants apprehended at the state and local level to get an annual, accurate assessment of the current illegal immigrant situation in Mississippi.
Fighting Crime and Protecting Our Communities

Automatic life sentences for second offense convictions of crack and crystal meth manufacturers and dealers.
Double the penalties for those who commit crimes against children and the elderly.
Automatically adjudicate juvenile sex offenders as adults.
Integrate local law enforcement’s fingerprint and identification system for better communication to fight crime.
Expand the sex offender registry to include criminals convicted of any crime against children and the elderly.
Ban the sale of drug paraphernalia in stores.
Fully fund the State Crime Lab.
Strengthening Families and Promoting Traditional Values

Stop abortion in Mississippi—because the right to life is sacred and must be protected.
Host a Mississippi Marriage Summit prior to the beginning of the 2008 legislative session to bring together community, religious, civic and elected leaders to have an organized event to discuss any legislation that needs to be enacted to promote and strengthen the institution of marriage in Mississippi.
Support faith-based high school curriculum electives such as History of the Bible.
Improving Education Today and Tomorrow

Fully fund education.
Work with the Department of Education to create an early warning system for drop-out prevention.
Fully implement the “Troops to Teachers” program in Mississippi to bring retired military personnel to teach in the classrooms.
All Superintendents should be appointed.
Require a bachelor’s degree for elected school board members.
Consolidating administrative and purchasing duties in school districts.
Expanding Economic Opportunities for All Mississippians

Perform a total review of the Mississippi Tax Code to ensure fairness and accountability.
Help more Mississippians achieve the dream of home ownership by providing a $1000 state tax deduction for first-time home buyers.
Continue working to rebuild the Gulf Coast.
Support a Gulf of Mexico Economic Development Region between all Gulf Coast states from Texas to Florida for partnering in attracting economic development opportunities utilizing the Gulf of Mexico.
Increase funding for Mississippi’s tourism promotion to ensure that all of Mississippi is marketed as a destination.

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