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Musgrove and Whitman push CHIP

Musgrove and Whitman push CHIP

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 5, 2007

Medical rescue for children

When we served as governors of Mississippi and New Jersey, we made concerted efforts to improve the health of children and working families in our respective states. By expanding coverage in New Jersey and increasing enrollment in Mississippi, we helped thousands of our states’ youngest residents get the medical care they need. We know that when young people are healthy they are better students which, in turn, produce more capable citizens. Moreover, when families use preventive care, it saves the states and federal government much needed revenue in the long run.

States continue leading the way. Since January 2006, the District of Columbia and 29 states have acted or are acting to strengthen children’s coverage. By providing routine and preventive care for children, states can prevent minor and controllable health problems from becoming lifelong health burdens.

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