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HAMPTON – Barbour in a walk to...

HAMPTON – Barbour in a walk to Mansion, so let’s talk

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 5, 2007

Barbour in a walk to Mansion, so let’s talk

Barring some unforeseen situation not having to do with votes, Barbour has a walk to the Governor’s Mansion. Democratic candidate John Arthur Eaves Jr. will raise money and raise a lot Cain, some of it legitimate, but it will be hard to dent the Barbour armor.

More interesting in this race is how many other Republicans he will take on that walk with him. His “Let’s go walkin'” fitness campaign takes on new meaning this year in the legislative races.

Barbour loves the game of politics, so I suspect he will channel that competitive political energy into legislative races to strengthen his hand in the next four years.

David Hampton
Clarion Ledger

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