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Mike Lott – Secretary of State...

Mike Lott – Secretary of State Campaign Announcement

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 8, 2007

Mike Lott – Secretary of State Campaign Announcement

State Representative Mike Lott, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, will begin a “Protect the Vote” Campaign Tour in Noxubee County on Wednesday, April 11, at 10:00 a.m. on the Courthouse steps in Macon. The integrity of the election process in every county is an issue with the two-term lawmaker from Petal, and Lott says that as Secretary of State he will work with Circuit Clerks and Election Commissioners in all counties in taking the necessary steps to avoid questionable situations. “Voter rolls need to be purged regularly, and I will work closely with those in charge of the voting process at the county level to see that this is done.”

As a veteran State Legislator, Rep. Lott has consistently introduced legislation to address voter identification at the polls. Lott points out, “Right now, it is possible for any person in any precinct in this state to walk in on Election Day and simply claim any name in the book and vote. The same person can conceivably repeat this act more than once in the same day, and, according to people who are close to the process, it happens in every election all over the state. Yet, ironically, just down the street, at a local video store, you cannot rent a worn out Barney tape with anything less than a photo ID. Voting is one of our most precious rights as Americans, and when we go to the polls, regardless of our party affiliation or race, we should be guaranteed that no one has voted in our place. One man, one vote should mean just that.”

Current Secretary of State Eric Clark announced in early February that he will not seek re-election. Primary elections will be held throughout the state on August 7 for all statewide, legislative, and county offices.

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