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Anonymous attack letters to Wilson...

Anonymous attack letters to Wilson Campaign

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 27, 2007

This anonymous letter was sent to multiple people involved with the Cory Wilson Campaign for the State House of Representatives (House 66). Cory is running against the winner of incumbent Cecil Brown (D) and Stacey Webb (D).

As an aside from the editor, this is EXACTLY the sort of stuff that MississippiPolitics wants to post. This site is all about transparency and good government (at least from our own vantage point) and this sort of anonymous attack speak poorly of the people they are sent from and on behalf of. Though candidates cannot always control what is sent on their behalf, they should try. When brought to their attention of a candidate that this happens on behalf of, they should immediately apologize to the other candidate personally and endeavor to message to their supporters that this sort of personal intimidation is completely unacceptable.

This is the kind of foolishness that keeps good people out of the political process and we will blow the whistle on this as it comes to our knowledge. If you have any information like this that you want to share, please send it to editor +

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