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JEFFCOAT LTE – Disabled Veterans...

JEFFCOAT LTE – Disabled Veterans Bill Killed by Senator Tommy Robertson

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 14, 2007

Disabled Veterans Bill Killed by Senator Tommy Robertson

Veterans were assured last year by Supporter’s of 100% Permanently Disabled by Combat Veterans Lt. Governor Tuck and several Legislators that a Bill to support Homestead Tax Relief would be introduced this year. One reason this Bill was needed was the Legislature passed an Appraisal Tax Increase Bill several years ago and never have re-visited it to adjust the Homestead Exemption for inflation, so we get regular Tax Increases, NO NEW TAXES??? Another reason is that we owe our freedom to our Veterans, especially those who gave the supreme sacrifice and those who were totally disabled by service. A Tax Relief Bill was introduced in both the Senate, (SB 2048), and House, (HB 439), this year with strong support. Many states now provide full Homestead Tax Relief for 100% Disabled Veterans. MS provides these Veterans the same Homestead Tax Relief as a person turning 65 years old. In fact, MS provides three Benefits especially for 100% Permanently and Totally Disabled Veterans:

1. Free Hunting & Fishing License
2. One $1.00 Car Tag
3. Same Homestead Tax Relief as one who turns 65 years old.

Compare this to states around us as Arkansas and Oklahoma- The Bill introduced in the MS Legislature would have applied to ONLY those who were Permanently and Totally Disabled from COMBAT, (few in number), so it seemed to this Veteran that the Bill would at least received a good look. There was good support from the Rank and File Legislators and the Sponsors, but the truth is if 25 of the 26 Members on the Finance Committee want a Bill passed, it can be killed by ONE person…the Committee Chairman. This is akin to a Dictatorship in my opinion. We saw this happen on the Cigarette Tax Bill, it was killed by the same person who opposed and killed the Disabled Veteran’s Homestead Tax Relief Bill even though a majority of both the People and the Legislature are for helping our Disabled Veterans. Just a Reminder, it was NOT the Sponsors or the Supporters of our Permanently and Totally Disabled Veterans who killed a small Tax Relief Bill for them, it was Chairman Tommy Robertson who refused to bring it up for a vote in HIS Committee. How does youe Congressman or Senator feel about SB 2048 or HB 439??

Contact them and ask for these Bills to be passed in the next Session.

Concerned Veteran-Bobby Jefcoat, Batesville, MS

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