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The (freak) week in pictures –...

The (freak) week in pictures – updated AGAIN

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 18, 2006

Pro-Life and Abortion Rights activists have descended on Jackson, MS this week for a major showdown. It’s bibles vs. body odor. It’s big bloody pictures vs. unattractive ladies in peasant dresses.

We had a little technical difficulty on linking pictures for this week’s abortion protest for some reason. We have checked and the pictures are still linkable in the public domain. Fortunately, we at MP know that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

We at MP want to expose the images of this protest to the widest possible audience and let everyone be transparent. We hope that this will be educational.

All pictures (except those from the Clarion Ledger) are the property of the Jackson Free Press. These are simply screenshots of existing published pictures that are in the general domain with all linking on the PDFs intact. All pictures remain the property of the Jackson Free Press and their respective authors.

Anyone who says otherwise is itching for a fight.

And speaking of itching, here are a few “Party Pics” . . .

Great. Now choose to shave.
“OK, you folks are violating Jackson’s smell ordinance”
“You Jesus-types think your SOOO special just because you shower”
The Jesus-freaks slip in a little gay bashing.
“Move your ass, hippy!”
Just waiting on someone to ask them to dance.
Uhhhh, no it’s not.
Apparently, this dude is looking for a 102nd trimester abortion

“Pardon me, sir, but would you have any Grey Poupon?”
Another hairy protestor.
“Leave you pro-life bastard or I’ll go ninja on your ass.”

From the Clarion Ledger (who I must say has been really cool about the whole “linking” thing.
At least she shaved.

“Can’t you see I’m pregnant?

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