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A Doe-Eyed Interview with Melton

A Doe-Eyed Interview with Melton

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 6, 2006

A Doe-Eyed Interview with Melton

For 12 months of bluster and the “if-I-ever-get-my-hands-on-him” fury, the JFP interview with Frank Melton turned into doe-eyed fawning of the man. Melton completely controlled the interview (as if there were any doubt). Funny how everyone’s a villan until they talk to the JFP.

It seems to follow a long line of makeups the JFP has had with folks like Wyatt Emmerich, Ben Allen, and others that they were ideologically opposed to.

My prediction – Melton will use the JFP as he sees fit from here forward and leave them gushing like a high school freshman talking to a senior.

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