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Boston Gun Crime Triggers Further...

Boston Gun Crime Triggers Further Crackdowns

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 14, 2006

With some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, gun crime in Boston nonetheless continues to surge. So why do Boston’s leaders think more of the same will help?

“We want to tighten up how people can get ammunition,” Police Superintendent Robert Dunford said. ”We’re seeing loose rounds, a mix of ammunition. That might be a point of attack for us. . . . When you get the gun with ammunition and you fire it off, then you need to resupply. . . . That can be tough.”

Dunford said Menino’s office is working on proposed legislation to regulate ammunition. A spokesman for Menino declined to comment on the specifics of any legislation, saying only, ”Mayor Menino has made the message clear. He has a tremendous sense of urgency around devising both policy alternatives and new legislation that could make Boston a safer city.”

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